After alot of bodywork and sanding it was time for topcoat paint in VW Marsala Red H3D. Looks nice in red! Also got new Deepblack paint on the sun grey faded trim and parts like the front grills, handles, air intakes, wipers etc. I think all the black parts will match the black wheels perfect when its all together. The wheels from Germany will arrive this week and the other new VW parts from Just Kampers will be here tomorrow!
















Time to sand the primer and fix small dents and scratches, and its alot of them both. When this is done a new coat of grey primer/filler is needed to get a good even base that needs a light sanding with 800 grit by hand before paint! Alot of work for sure!


All the places that have been sanded and sandblasted down to the bare metal have been painted with yellow 2k epoxy rust primer for protection. After this, all the small dents, scratches and imperfections in surface/metal after sandblasting etc have been filled up and sanded smooth and all the seams have been sealed up with new seamsealer. Then it was covered in yellow epoxyprimer again. When it was all dryed it just needed a light sanding before 3 coats of grey surfaceprimer was added. Now it has to dry a couple of days before it can be sanded down again, but this time more carefully and must be perfect! When this is done its ready for topcoat paint in VW Marsala Red H3H3.
Bumpers and some smaller parts is at the sandblasters at this moment and more new parts from Just Kampers in UK is on its way right now. Time to choose some cool wheels also, stay tuned for more pics and updates!












Maybe these 17″ wheels? 🙂

No more naked metal, its now all sealed up with epoxy 2k primer for good rust protection! Next step is sanding and fixing all small dents etc before a coat of surfacer primer is layed down. After this some more sanding and then topcoat paint! Very time consuming job ahead… 


Stephans VW Bay project moves on and here is some pics from the transmission overhaul made last week here in the garage. The transmission is a 002 case, 3 rib from late 1973. Code CK. The Baywindow buses are famous for their poor gearshifts. If you have a sloppy gearstick on your bus, first check all bushings in the gearlinkage that runs thru the floor from front to back. If the shifting still is bad, then its possible that the gearleveler balljoint (made in plastic) inside the nosecone is worn out. I replaced this balljoint on this tranny for one made in metal instead, so it will last for ever! The magneticplugs was cleaned, oil drained, all gaskets and seals new and then a coat of fresh paint. Now its ready to be bolted back in the bus again.











Some updates! All windows are out, all rust is repaired and the body have been sanded. Now the body work can start and I hope to have it in primer next week. Then its ready for more sanding and smaller bodywork before topcoat goes on. Maybe VW Marsala red paint?



Got some stuff done on the front beam/axle on the Highroof bus this week. Fitted new grease zerks to the beam, installed a new center swivelpin and bushings, test fitted the new brakebooster, 4 new needlebearings (made a tool so they were easy to pull out). They were seated 8mm inside the tubes. Used a old bearing to knock them in again, and then the tool the last bit. New dustcovers mounted too. Got the axle bolted up in the frame on the bus and during the weekend, I will start installing torsionarms, spindles, tierods etc. The bus starts to look really nice, atleast underneath! 😉 More pics coming soon!







 Volkswagens original tool









Been in Barcelona, Spain with the family on a vacation and just got back home. Nice to see some sun instead of snow! 🙂 Going to start put together the front beam axle this week. I have all the new parts from JUSTKAMPERS waiting for it, and hopefully have it bolted back up in the frame on the bus. More pics coming soon!




The front beam/axel have been sandblasted and painted in Deepblack paint. Also modified the servo/brakebooster bracket so a new modern Brazil Bay booster will fit on the old Bay beam. The bracket was made 30mm extra wide, because the bolt pattern is little diffrent on the new servo. Doing this you just have to pay 140euros for a new servo instead for the original 400euros(!). 


Some more progress made on the Highroof bus. More parts have been sandblasted and painted during the week. The chassi is finally painted too, after months of hard work. 2k polyurethane paint with elastic attribute. Good if you dont want to have stonechips in the paint later on. Cant wait to start bolting on all the new parts on the shiney chassi, no more dirty work! Also got a NOS 1960-70s roofrack that will get modified to fit on the highroof, perfect for the future solarpanels etc. Got a spare BA6 Eberspacher burner too, will be good to take parts from when I start the restoration of the original one. Here is the pics…


bild119Sandblasted and painted silver metallic. RAL9006.


bild116DURING. Straightned out and sandblasted baremetal

bild117AFTER. Painted, also made a custom mesh in stainless for it but forgot to take photo.


bild121Marinoyellow VW L20A period correct.







Have sandblasted alot of parts in the new cabinet, so nice to have. No need for waiting on the mediablasting company any more. Just put it in the box and go! Got a box full of new parts from yesterday too. Brakeservo, starter, all brakepipes, front beam seals, 4 torsionarms with new pressed in balljoints, transmission gaskets and seals etc. Also scored a NOS Eberspächer combustion/airpump for the BA6 heater. Found a supplier in the UK of new BERU glowplugs for BA6, the GZE201 plug replaces the old (original) BZE22. Have anyone tried the new GZE201? Let me know how it worked:

Have scraped and cleaned all of the chassi during the last 2 weeks. Hope to push on further with the chassi this week and weekend and get it primered, seam sealed, undercoated and painted in body color. After that the chassi is ready to get all the new parts bolted on! More coming soon…

bild89b bild90 bild91 bild92 bild93 bild93b bild94 bild95 bild96 bild97 bild98 bild99 bild100 bild101 bild102 bild103

Doing some really boring work on the Highroof Baywindow at the moment. Specially when it’s -20 celsius outside. Removing all of the old undercoating. Work that takes alot of blood, sweat and tears and is not showing much later, but good to know it’s like new under also. Only going to drive it on the summers anyway. Next time I can start sanding the chassi and lay a coat of rust protection (epoxy primer). Then add a new layer of fresh undercoating, that sort thats possible to paint over. So when it have dried for some days I can paint all of the underside in top color, VW L20 Marino yellow. Ready for all the new parts, wires, hoses, grommets, bearings, bushings, balljoints, steering rods, brakelines, servobooster basicly every nut and bolt!

When the chassi is painted and ready I can start restoring the frontbeam, transmission and get the Eberspächer BA6 working again. A really good and clever heater, much better then the older BN4 ones. Will be nice on chilly mornings in the spring!

Still looking for some parts if someone have for sale? NOS parts for BA6 is intresting, like sparkplugs (BZE22) etc. Also looking for a pair of the slider rail metal covers (held with 2 screws). Engine cooling thin and heatexchangers is missing. Send me a mail on:


Chassi parts that are going to be sandblasted and painted/restored.













No more undercoating. Just some wires and tubes that needed to be removed before sanding and primer. Here you can see factory grey primer and the orange overspray from body. When I am done with this chassi it will be better and nicer than it was from factory for sure.


Color on chassi will be the same as on the body, original VW color, L20A Marino yellow. Period correct.


Can’t wait to start bolting on new parts on the painted chassi!
























Replacing all rust with new metal on Benny’s bus, the VW transporter from 1983. Hope to finish the rest tonight and then it’s ready for sanding/bodywork/paint. New rubberseals for the all 6 windows, new bushings for frontend and new mirrors from Just Kampers.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11   12

Front beam is out and also the transmission and rear torsionarms. Ready for restoration but next thing to do is getting the chassi ready for clean up and paint!   


Got loads of brand new parts from Justkampers today. Wow what a quick delivery! Basicly a new bus chassi in parts. Removed front beam, torsionarms and brakes. I think every nut and bolt had to be cut, they were froozen stuck! But it dosen’t matter everything going to be replaced with new parts anyway. Need to remove all chassi parts for sandblasting and painting!


My old 1950 Splitwindow Beetle. With all new and custom made suspension parts. 6″ narrowed front beam, adjusters, dropped CB spindles, flipped tierods, adjustable springplates in rear, later style transmission with syncronized gears and all new bushings and brakes. Awsome car! Sold to a collector in Italy 2009.  

Yeah the winter season is definitely here. It’s -10 celsius (14 Farenheit) outside here in Sweden. But days like that are perfect for ordering new VW parts with a cup of coffee in the other hand. Im making a loong list of new parts for the Baywindow Highroof project and also new window rubbers etc for the VW T3 transporter. After 10 years of building VW’s I finally found a serviceminded VW part store that have great quality on their stuff too!

Im now buying all my new parts from JUSTKAMPERS instead. They are based in the UK but ships worldwide, cheap shipping prices and have the best service you will ever find from a VW shop. I can really recommend these guys, take a look at their website here!

I also got some stuff done on the Highroof, removed all brakes, masterbrakecylinder, booster, steeringrods etc front beam soon ready to get dropped down and put on the table for some restoration (new needle bearings, balljoints, bumpstops, kingpin bushings etc). Hope to get started on the metalwork on Benny’s T3 soon also…





Justkampers vw parts

Stephan’s Baywindow have come a long way. Painted in primer tonight. The 2.0L engine have been overhauled as well and is soon ready to be installed. Question is; what color is it going to be?


Started to remove the old undercoating yesterday. A needlehammer makes the job alot easier! The good news is that its rock solid in the metal/chassi.  Next step will be to remove torsionarms, drums, beam, steeringparts etc and send it off to the mediablasting. Stay tuned…  

Bennys VW Transporter is in the garage and got some parts removed. Like bumpers, emblems, lights etc. Preping for a new paintjob! Moved the Highroof bus out to the main hall getting it ready for new brakes, wires, steering parts, shocks etc. Got the new Fiama rooflight/ventilation with 12v fan and some other parts too. Ready to install next time…


The last days the inside of the Highroof bus have got attention. Some support bars for roofbed and overheadlockers was welded in place. Then hours of scrubbing away old glue and oil/wax from the floor was needed, not fun but thanks to the oil on the floor no rust repair was needed. When it all was clean it was time to sand it all down with 240 & 320 grit papers and then zinc primer. Topcoat in glossy white in 2 layers. Looks nice and feels alot more airy now. Like a blank canvas for the new interior to come!