Stephans VW Bay project moves on and here is some pics from the transmission overhaul made last week here in the garage. The transmission is a 002 case, 3 rib from late 1973. Code CK. The Baywindow buses are famous for their poor gearshifts. If you have a sloppy gearstick on your bus, first check all bushings in the gearlinkage that runs thru the floor from front to back. If the shifting still is bad, then its possible that the gearleveler balljoint (made in plastic) inside the nosecone is worn out. I replaced this balljoint on this tranny for one made in metal instead, so it will last for ever! The magneticplugs was cleaned, oil drained, all gaskets and seals new and then a coat of fresh paint. Now its ready to be bolted back in the bus again.











Stephan’s Baywindow have come a long way. Painted in primer tonight. The 2.0L engine have been overhauled as well and is soon ready to be installed. Question is; what color is it going to be?


This is the latest VW find. A 1976 Baywindow bus. Decoded it and found some info. It was built on a Friday, 7 November 1975, painted in a special order color 951077 Lightblue. 4 speed manual transmission. 2 liter engine with carbs. 8 seater, sliding door right, Left hand drive. Canyon brown leatherette interior. Extra option was: Ebersprächer heater, heavy duty shocks, backup lamps, vent wings in cabdoors.

This bus needs new rockers, rear fenders, some new metal in the front fenders and floor. Will get new nice camping interior and a nice paintjob. Will keep you all updated on pics here on the website.

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New rockers and fenders are next to do in the workshop…