Sorry for late update! ALOT have been done to this project. Fueltank have been cleaned with citrusacid inside, looks like new now. Frame have been reinforced, all seams have been fully welded instead of factory spotwelds and rear swingarm have been boxed for the extra torque from the new engine. Rearend have been lowered in the suspension 40mm also for looks. Frame have got new engine mounts welded in place after alot of measurements and calculation, then frame was stripped and sandblasted then painted in 2k silver. A brand new engine have been installed, a manual 4 speed trans, 4-stroke 110cc Lifan (Honda copy). Carburetor have fullflow airfilter. Footplates and sheetmetal around the engine had to be trimmed to make it fit. Will be a fast rustbucket! To get the same power as the new engine have I would need 8 Ilo Piano engines. 🙂

Seat got new foam and a hairy touch. 🙂 Brakes is new, front and back, new bearings and grease. Also made some holes in the brakehubs/covers for better cooling the brakes at high speeds. New tires with whitewalls in place too. New chain and rear sprocket is 36 cog and front (engine) 14 cog (maybe change to 16 cog later on). Had to fabricate a own chain tensioner, plastic wheel with bearing, to get the right slack and to clear swingarm mount, similar like on a motocross dirtbike. Rear brake mechanism have been shorted and moved and welded 15mm lower than stock location, to clear the exhaustpipe. The old rear stock muffler is used again, but modified inside for better flow of course and extra outlet pipes. New wireharness is in for CDI box, coil, ignition, voltregulator, switch and front and rear lights etc. Managed to hide the most of the electrics on the inside of the front breastplate on the legcovers. Now also 12v instead of 6volts and electric ignition, no more adjusting points! Airplane safetyswitch to turn ON or OFF the engine. All new fueltap, fuellines and filters.

Handlebar now sports new handles and wires also a bicycle computer with speedometer. After 20km the engine oil should be changed and first after 1000km the engine will be fully “seated and runned in” since its brand new with 0 miles on it. So need to drive it nice and easy in the begining. Its now ready for start and test run. A new update will come soon!























Vid Nobel i Karlstad kunde man förr tanka bĂ„de Koppartrans, Caltex och Shell pĂ„ en och samma “multi-mack” dygnet runt. Idag ligger bara Shell macken kvar hĂ€r. Mittimot ligger idag en Statoil mack ocksĂ„. Det var hit till “multi-macken” min Koppartrans (Ljungmans 102 ACSFN.4) bensinpump levererades ny 27 September 1965. Det förklarar varför den har varit kopplad mot ett fjĂ€rrrĂ€kneverk. Pumpen hittades utanför Arvika vid Mossbergs gamla nerlagda lanthandel 2016.


Almost finished with the Coke machine! I cut the metalsign up and converted it to a lite-up sign instead, this was an original option on these machines. Powdercoated the frame that was left in silvermetallic and installed two LED lightbars 3000K warmwhite color. Cleaned up the shelfs and compressor, checked all wires, oiled up the coin mechanism. Got all new emblems, locks and water decals on. Only waiting for the stickers on the sides of the machine “Have A Coke” the ones I got from US was in wrong color. Soon its time to load it up with bottles and just plug it in! The last final pics coming soon…











Looked like this 6 days ago (!) Quick turn around time!

Today I started to sand down the black surfacer/primer so it was all smooth! Found some new dents that needed to be fixed also. And when it was all done it was time for shooting the Coca-Cola red paint. It was a hardtime to find the paintcode. Maybe it is trademarked. But the paintshop sells paint directly to the Coca-Cola company in Sweden so they had all the codes. It turned out great, looking really good. Next up is mounting back all hardware, trims and logos etc. The sign was in metal on the machine but Im going to convert it to a light up sign instead and using modern LED lightning. Also going to check up the compressor and all wirings before its ready to be put in service.









Coca-Cola retro crate made in wood for sale. Perfect for Coke bottles, interior design piece, carparts, flowers or what ever you want to use it for. I only have four of these reproduction crates. As long as you can read this I have atleast one left. They are located in Sweden but can be shipped anywhere. Intrested? Send an e-mail to:



This is a well built portable/wireless modern stereo in a cool retro suitcase. It has loud speakers with lots of bass, aux/mp3 connection for smartphone. USB connection lso. Volume button, treble, bass etc adjustment. Built in charger and battery so this can play wireless on the beach or at a meeting/event for 10 hours without charging. We have built suitcase stereos since 2007.

Want a stereo like this? A ready to play “standard stereo/suitcase” like this would cost around $300 or 290 Euros. Send an e-mail to:
And we will start building your retro dream stereo…


Watch it live…

The 4sale section is updated today, now you can pay easy with your Paypal account and the items get shipped the same or next day. Going to add more new stuff during the week. Click on the picture to visit the store…


This is a portable stereo in a vintage suitcase. It has Volume, bass, treble buttons. Amplifier. Dual speakers, discants and 12v battery backup and charger. Aux to hook up to your smartphone. Built the first in 2007. Going to build a new so this one might be up for sale. If you are interested to buy this suitcase (can ship) send a message to:

Portable stereo in a vintage suitcase. Built my first in 2007. Going to build a new so this one might be up for sale...