My oldest son Frans have started with karting. He have now taken a licens after theoretical course and a test drive in Skövde, (the only 6 year old in his school to have this). He is now allowed to drive on all tracks in Sweden. The kart is a CRG 950 chassi with Raket 60cc engine. Here is some pics and videos. He is driving in the Cadetti class.

Skövde karting track
Banan i Kil

I found and saved this bus here in Sweden 15 years ago. It now lives with its new owner in Mallorca. Here is my boys on vacation in La Palma and got to see the bus and take a cruise. Thanks to Noel Dyne!

Some progress on the 65’. Engine got a 12v generator, new spark plugs, distributor cap/rotor, ignition coil, ignition wires, 12v regulator, serviced carburetor, new exhaust, valves adjusted, new oil. New shocks all around. Fenders are bolted back, floor painted, fuel tank cleaned, new fuel lines and filter. The new brake system is bleed and works perfect.

It’s been awhile since I updated anything about the 1965 Rat Beetle. Moving slowly forward but hopefully it can be ready for Safety Inspection this spring/summer.

All of the old (complete!) brake system was thrown in the thrash and replaced with brand new parts. New shocks all around too. New wheel bearings. New hoses, brakelines and every nut/bolt is new in the brakesystem. Fenders have been removed for clean up and new blackbody/ship paint applied to underside. Going to be re-installed with new bolts and seals, anti rust wax etc.

Engine have been worked on also, valves adjusted, new oilsump/gaskets, new: sparkplugs, dist.cap, ignition coil and wiring, rotor, condensator, restored Solex 30-pict carb, new fuel lines everywhere, new exhaust system and all gaskets, restored 12v generator and new Bosch charge relay and 12v generator stand, new fan belt and pulley, new throttle cable etc.

That’s it for now! Next up is transmission overhaul and then test start the engine for first time in 20 years…

The sliding door handle on my 1983 VW T3 bus have been very hard to move/open the last 2 years and now it finally gave up and wouldn’t open the door anymore. But inside still worked fine. I thought first the wire inside the door had jumped off, but it was a lot worse!!

But was cheap and easy to repair, took me about 1 hour and the door is like new now! Time well spent!