Painted this skatedeck recently. Red chunky flake with deep black paint patterns. One more to the collection! ;-p

Painted a skateboard for my son Frans. Goldbase with hologramic metalflake in gold that shifts in all of the colorspectra and then I lined up a classic lowrider design that later was painted with candy paint in Root beer shade. Topping it all off with loads of clearcoat and sanding between each layer to get it super smoooth, like a mirror! Lots of hours in this board, I hope he dont make a boardslide with it 😉

Want something custom painted in flake? Just send me a message at:

The new paintgun! Anest Iwata W400, Low Volume Low Pressure. Many professional carpainters favorite gun. Only the best, Iwata 4 ever!

Panhead painting I did on canvas years ago. 

Some of the boards in the garage office. Neptune deck is signed by Jason Jessee, the framed original Santa Cruz poster is signed by artist Jim Philips, Jimbo Philips and Johnny Mojo (who designed/painted the Neptune board). A piece of skateboarding history right there!


Some of my old sketches and drawings. Just for fun…