Early start of the camping season 2020!Usually at this time of year we have a lot of snow and temperatures around at least -10 Celsius. But not this year, almost no snow at all and temperatures around +10. So we decided to drive higher up in Sweden to find some snow, mostly for the kids but also to try some winter camping. We drove 300km to Kläppen in Sälen, Dalarna here in Sweden.

Everything worked fine, bus handled the snowy roads very well and heat was no problem at all, the bus i very well insulated in floors, walls and roof. Dieselheater worked awsome too during the days. We had lots of fun in the snow, had a campfire grilled some meat and had a good time inside the warm bus, playing games and watching TV. We had a constant inside temp of 23-26+ celsius inside the bus.

Here is some pics, the last picture is me using the kitchen stove as a engine heater 🙂

Went to Lesjöfors this weekend and dropped by this neat place with alot of cool things. Not so much for museums but this was well done and intresting, this local town produced lots of metal and products (specially springs for cars and machinery) back in the day and the town growed fast and was full of life. But today production is in China and the place is now like a ghostown. If you driveby Lesjöfors in Sweden, make sure to visit!