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Winter is here

Time flys, only a month until Christmas! Have hoped to start rebuilding the 1800cc AP engine in Januari but the interior build have got more complex than first planned and automaticly taken more time. Building it exactly as I want it. So much have been done, much stuff you dont see but in short following have been done;

All interior cabinets are bolted down and all electrics in them are finished. Watertanks is mounted and pumps wired, guagemeter for waterlevel, airvent, fillerpipe, wastewater lines ect. Front cab have got insulated and headliner installed, front roofcabinet is almost done too. New roof antenna is on. All wiring with stepdown reducer switch for 9 roof spotlights ready. Spotlights will just draw 300mA each. Roofventilation fan have been modified with adjustable voltage switch. So the fan speed can be RPM changed, rather than full speed all the time. 

Kevin at have been great and very helpful with most of the interior bits. Check them out!

Slidingdoor is finished with new panel and ventilation outlets and the lock mechanism have been modified for electric lock. All doors now have been fixed for remote control. And keylocks have been taken apart and fixed so 1 key (ignition) works for all doors. A new slidingwindows have arrived from and many other parts. Great service as always!

Interior progress

Have been routing waterlines, electrics, wires, 12v DC USB outlets, 240v hook up socket, inverter with pure sinuswave, batterycharger, thermostatic ventilation roof fan, controlpanel with automatic fuses, LED spotlights, Gasoline heater BA6 enerspracher, extra fridge fans with thermostat control and much more. 

Rock n roll bed/sofa is done with 45 liters freshwater tank underneith. Sink is finished with water inlet hot and cold. 12 liters greywatertank (if using water parked on camping or in city) Also have a outlet valve so it can be emptyed if parked in the woods. 

Overhead locker is almost finished also, that will have a ton of storage. And will also have controlpanel integrated and space for future solarpanel controllers ect.

More to come soon, next to do is installing headliner/roof before overhead locker goes in. Also all electrics in roof (fans, spotlights, 12v outlets ect) need to be done first!

Autumn ride

Insider work

Some news, have got the front bumper and sparewheel back on and also some new fog lights. Right now I’m working on insulation. First im using sound dampning material (black Mats). Then Reflektix (or ThermoReflekt called around here in EU),aluminium folie with airbubbels. After this I add cellfoam 30mm and end it all up with 3mm oil tempered hardboard lined with grey carpet. Before the hardboard get screwed back I soak the inside with wax oil for protection. This will be used in every wall except front doors that don’t have so much space inside. Maybe just sound dampening mats, reflektix and 10mm cellfoam. Inside of the roof is already covered with reflectix and will get some blocks of 20mm cellfoam and glasswhool then 3mm hardboard or pvc board with same grey carpet. This will keep the hot out on summer and the warmth inside on winter!

I also test fitted all the cabinets I built, the small and (what I thought) easiest furniture of the interior turned out to be the most complex so far. With a pop out dish rack storage on the side. Storage in the backrest also. And a seat (with space for PortaPotti toilet) that can be bolted on or lifted out when not needed for more space. It can also fold out a extra seat so 2 persons can sit on it. Compact living, No space goes to waste here! ­čśë

Here is some pics! 

Trip to Nordmark

Old and newest movies can always be found here: CampersOnTour YouTube channel.

Bumpers and wheels

Piece by piece it’s coming together! I Have been fixing with the bumpers and wheels lately. It have all been sandblasted, welded, epoxyed, sanded, primered and painted in same white as the roof. Really starts to come together now, some light in the tunnel. But still lots left to do, here is some new pics…


´╗┐Interior progress

Have now started with the interior on the Highroof bus. Have put sounddeadning mats in floors and doors, sprayed it all with wax for rust protection. Then added insulation (Refectix) a material of aluminium with plasticcells of air in middle. NASA came up with this tecnology when insulating spaceships actually! After this I put some extra 5mm insulation foamboards (green) then 15mm marine plywood and then a new linoleum carpet in Classic checker pattern, went with light grey to match the grey details on furnitures. The furnitures itselfs is in Light Oak wood finish (laminate). I built it all in a special  extra light plywood 15mm. This interior is gona weight nothing!! And thats great in a slow VW bus, all the stuff thats going to be loaded in the cabinets are heavy enought ­čśë The kitchen pod/cabinet is featuring a new Vitifrigio fridge on 48 liters + 2 liter freezer. A new small owen in stainless that will be running on 240v (euro). The zink is from a newer crashed/parted out Knaus campervan I bought cheap online. The lid in top is hiding a gastove and the cupboard in bottom will be housing the greywater tank etc.

Still have plenty to do before I can start restoring the 1800cc AP engine.

More to come soon!

Movie time!

Some movies from this summer with my VW Samba splitbus. Follow: @campersontour at Instagram for daily pics!

Finally painted!!

So the Highroof is now painted at last, in Marino Yellow VW L20a, period correct for 1975. It have been a ton of work and to get that yellow color to cover the bus needed to be painted 4times/coats. That because all yellow (and sometimes red) colors have less pigment than all other colors.

Now the fun can begin, mounting on all new parts like lights, handles etc! Next step will be to start with the interior and begin with insulation in walls and floor. Would be nice to have the most done on interior and exterior until fall so the winter can be focused on engine build and install etc.

More pics coming soon!


Bodywork Highroof

Lots of work have been done lately on the VW Baywindow Highroof! Whole roof have been finished  in California White color. All doors and lids have been painted on the insides and then fitted back on the body. All panels are now sanded in 800grit and ready for toppaint in VW L20a Marino Yellow!


Weekend in the woods

Movie from this weekend with the VW bus. Fore more follow: @campersontour at Instagram.

Golden Rose

In the latest issue of Power Magazine you can read all about my 1963 Chevrolet Impala lowrider that I built finish recently. More build pics can be found here on the website under Rides & Projects in Menu. 

In the paintbooth 

Finally time for some color! Texaco red and BP green with yellow sidecovers, next up is Gulf in dark blue and orange doors. Came out really nice, have come a longway since the start. No more rusty junk!


Gaspump restoration

Alot of work have been done! Four of them are ready for paint, it will be Shell, Gulf, Texaco and BP at first. They may not have been so rusty but instead alot of dings and small dents everywhere, every door and panel needed skimcoating in bodyfiller to get straight again. So much more work then they first looked to be. But now they start to look nice again, the first gaspump out was the Shell. 9 different colors mixed and scanned after original paintchips and old parts, cans etc to get the right shade of each color. More to come soon…


Feature in Power Magazine

Read all about my Impala lowrider in the next issue of Power Magazine, out in stores 27 April. More pics on the car can be found in Projects here on the website!


Red metal flake – Part 1

Red metalflake skate deck – Part 1…

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Gaspump progress…

The gaspumps project moves on. It have gone from bare metal and welding to rustprimer to highsolid surface primer. And are getting prepped for paint right as we speak, hopefully we can shoot some color this weekend!!


Making a custom paintjob

Short movieclip from when I painted the skate deck, check out all videos on the Maindrive Youtube channel and dont forget to subscribe: 

´╗┐Custom paint deck

Painted a skateboard for my son Frans. Goldbase with hologramic metalflake in gold that shifts in all of the colorspectra and then I lined up a classic lowrider design that later was painted with candy paint in Root beer shade. Topping it all off with loads of clearcoat and sanding between each layer to get it super smoooth, like a mirror! Lots of hours in this board, I hope he dont make a boardslide with it ­čśë

Want something custom painted in flake? Just send me a message at:

Gaspumps project

The gaspumps are back from mediablasting left are just bare and clean metal, 100% free from rust! Bodywork in progress, removing dents and welding in some new metal on bad places. Making them nice and straight again, like original. Then rust protection primer and after that ordinary surfacer/primer and then fix all small imperfections then we can start thinking of paint!


Monarscoot project part 3

Its now all done, ready to ride! Made a engine cover from a piece of scrap metal, same as original but little modified for the bigger engine. Added some fake rust with airbrush and extra intakes, inspiration from 1950s Buick cars. Now the new part looks 50+ years old just like the rest…

´╗┐A work of art

The new paintgun! Anest Iwata W400, Low Volume Low Pressure. Many professional carpainters favorite gun. Only the best, Iwata 4 ever!

Gaspump restoration

A bunch of 1950’s gaspump ready for restoration. Ljungmans Verkst├Ąder, made in Sweden. They have all been sandblasted to baremetal now and bodywork started. Preping for primer and then paint. Will all be painted in diffrent gascompany.

Gaspump resto part 2

Some new pics on the 1958 Ljungmans Star78 gaspump!

Gaspump restoration

Got inspired to restore my vintage gaspump a 1958 Ljungmans Star 87. Electricmotor, pump, wires etc was removed by me earlier so just the rest of the stuff needed to be taken apart and cleaned and highpressure washed. Lots of old diesel everywhere. Going to be a BP (British Petroleum) again like it was new 1958.

Picture of the day


Dodge RAM campervan painted and ready.

Todays picture

Your local speedshop –

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Happy New Year 2017

View from my DJI Phantom drone 24.00 clock. Location: Charlottenberg, Sweden.

New year from DJI Phantom 3 drone view ??

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