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Trip to Nordmark

Old and newest movies can always be found here: CampersOnTour YouTube channel.

Movie time!

Some movies from this summer with my VW Samba splitbus. Follow: @campersontour at Instagram for daily pics!

Weekend in the woods

Movie from this weekend with the VW bus. Fore more follow: @campersontour at Instagram.

Short clips #4 – Sunshine day…

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Short clips #3 – Ride the sun…

Escape the city with #campersontour

Glimpse of summer 2016

When winter comes knocking on the door, its nice to watch videos from the bus summer! Take me back…

Shop tour

Have nice weekend!

Garage office art

Some of the boards in the garage office. Neptune deck is signed by Jason Jessee, the framed original Santa Cruz poster is signed by artist Jim Philips, Jimbo Philips and Johnny Mojo (who designed/painted the Neptune board). A piece of skateboarding history right there!


The Bus movie

A great documentary about the Volkswagen buses, hit the play button!

Kutens bensin

If you are visiting Sweden and Gotland this summer dont miss to stop by Kutens Bensin at Fårö. Cool place!

VW bus NOT for sale!

Owners got tired too hear “Is the bus for sale?” all the time. Thats a nice problem!

Video restoration

A short videoclip of the finished Coke machine restoration, we did during Mars 2016.

Driving in the woods

More videos, pics and storys from our roadtrips visit:

Lowriders back in the day

One man and his campervan

A short TV-serie from the UK. Traveling around in a Baywindow in Devon and all around the country. You can see them all on Youtube for free!

Getting shit done!

Oldschool lowriders

Rolling art

Porsche 911 Carrera 3,2

Some pictures from earlier this year on the Porsche. Check the video and turn up the volume! Flat6 rules!




Bussfest 2015 movie clip

Worlds fastest Indian

Legend and a hero and total genius, Burt Munro! The world need more people like him…



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